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Alpha Courses

For those interested in joining an Alpha Course see details below;-
You asked about ways to sign up to Alpha for the course at Ripley,  STARTS on Thursday JAN 28th @ 7.30pm
Find below :
Church tel: 07395 314704   (every morning til 12.30pm)
Go to the Alpha web site and sign up to
 ALL SAINTS ALPHA ONLINE RIPLEY on the National web site.
In a search for a course on the Alpha site it asks ‘ Look for a course near you’
As you know there a 3 Ripleys in UK so people need to put in Ripley, Derbyshire to find our course.
If they choose to use this route I shall be sent their email address to contact them and send them a Zoom link for the first week.
If they use our church email or Tel no. please ask them to leave a contact email address.
As you can imagine it’s easier to be contacted by email because trying to leave an email address as a message leaves
the difficulty of mis-hearing a letter or full stop etc !
Ok. hope this helps.  Will be praying for those in your parish who may find this just the thing for them!