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There are several interesting links associated with St. Mary’s Church Whaplode where you will find additional information, for instance, on the Heraldic Suite Site you will find details of how the building came about, together with a description defining the title ‘Heraldic Suite’.

The direct link to Lincoln Cathedral provides exceptional information about this magnificent building, which still retains some of the original Norman edifice, despite being rebuilt in subsequent centuries.  The site contains a detailed explanation of all the important features found within the building, together with many of the important people associated with not only the Cathedral, but their part in the development of the Christian message in the country.

‘WHEAT’ is a group of volunteers within the Whaplode area who have dedicated themselves to developing an appreciation of the unique Heritage and Educational opportunities (within the context of learning more of the historical development of the area) presented here.  One of their latest projects is the development of combined tours around the exceptional sculptures within the village and area, together with a visit to the church and it’s history (these tours are at the development stage, but contact with the organisers is available on their website).

The Heritage Trust of Lincolnshire provide a very informative site with background information about the Trust, a Newsletter and Membership, News and Events taking place around Lincolnshire involving Heritage.  There is a page for Community Heritage, Historic Buildings and many other interesting areas.